Closures, Size 24
Closures, Size 24

High Viscosity Pumps

Yippee! We have pumps!!!!

These pumps are GREAT for any product that is viscous (thick in consistency) or needing a larger amount dispensed. We use them for shampoo, soap, lotions and even creams! Each downward stroke of the pump will dispense 2 cc of product, which is about 2/5 of a teaspoon or 2 mL.

To lock the pump twist downward until it is locked into position.

Our high viscosity/output pump will extend all the way to the bottom of our 16 fl oz PET bottle. We use this pump on a bottle in the restroom here at MMS. The staff loves how it works. Available in black or white.

Photo Note: This pump is shown in black on the size 24 - 16 fl oz PET bottles (101-8811).

Spray Head Closure
Size 24

Our container specialist has gone nuts! She has made the best deals for all our cool customers. Check out these fantastic new prices!

The spray heads all produce a fine mist. We have the standard white and black. Both have over caps.

Photo Note: All spray heads are shown on the 8 fl oz clear bottle (101-8610). Shown from left to right.
White and Black.

Disk Top Closures
Size 24

A disk top type closure is one where pressing on one side of the top of the cap will raise the other side slightly. You have seen these in many places. They are far more useful and beautiful than a flip-top cap.

Photo Note: These closures are shown on 8 fl oz frosted bottles (101-6970). The closures are from left to right: white, frosted and black.

Non-Dispensing Cap
Size 24

When you need a cap that doesn't dispense, where do you go? HERE! Not all products need a non-dispensing cap but it sure is nice to have one when you need it. Great for bath oils and similar products.

Photo Note: These caps are shown on 8 fl oz frosted bottles (101-6970).